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Jeff Beedy Ed.D
Malawi Refugee Camp

Sport for Development is a method of bringing about social change through the use of sports. In the U.S. this is commonly referred to as Sports-Based Youth Development. Sport refers to the physical activity and development is any individual, health, social, and economic benefits. Sport is used as a tool for peace and development. The programs use sport to help children learn lifelong skills and as an incentive for the children to improve their scholarship. Sport is used as a tool to reach personal and community goals. …

“Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.”

Just yell louder

To assemble rambunctious children many coaches simply yell and then yell louder, “come on guys, line up and get ready for practice”. “Hey, let’s line up — we don’t have all day.” Simply yelling the orders seldom works and often leads to even more chaos. These common responses show little respect for the kids and the learning process.

There is a better way.

Act like a dog

One of the most effective…

Adapted from Jeffrey Beedy and Matt Cheney’s Dancing with the Natives 2016

Dancing with the Natives explores how adolescents experience their lives and how adults come to learn how to respectfully dance with adolescents — at least metaphorically.

Remote island

The period of adolescence is not unlike a remote island, a place of isolation, with adults — no matter how well intentioned are perceived as invaders, like doctors arriving by airplane to a place that has never seen either medicine or flying machines. Such doctors would need to find ways to gain the islanders’ trust, learn the steps of the…

Do these 5 things and you will succeed with Kids

Jeffrey Beedy Ed.D


Positive Learning Using Sports

Kids are magical and say the funniest things. After a long day of spring skiing on a sunny day in Maine, I stopped by the locker room to shower and change. I remember overhearing a father talking with his five-year old son about their day in the other room. The very proud father said, “Wow, I can’t believe what you accomplished today. You tried out your new skis. You and I went up on the chairlift for the first time. After…

Jeffrey Beedy Ed.D

Founder Positive Learning Using Sports

“Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.”

Maria Montessori

Jeffrey Beedy Ed.D

“Working carefully and conscientiously over 30 years, bringing the best research has to bare, Beedy has produced Positive Learning Using Sports. This no nonsense, level headed approach to the integration of academics, ethics and engagement for youth needs to be part of every school’s agenda.””

Robert L. Selman, Ph. D Harvard University

PLUS is a global campaign to raise awareness of the potential of sport as a natural, accessible, and inexpensive platform to transform young people’s lives for the better. PLUS partners with local communities, schools and organizations to train leaders how to better use sports to…

Teaching and Learning about the Pandemic with your Children

By Bailey Smith

Introduction: Jeff Beedy

I asked my daughter Bailey, to share a story about teaching and learning lessons while engaged in life long sports such as hiking in the woods. What she ended up writing is a stand alone piece about life sports and bonding with your children during the pandemic.

Walking in the Woods

We had seen the news and heard the growing fears but it felt as though our lives had changed over night… We as parents thought “how do we protect our children in this time…

I have fond memories of my Dad. He was a peaceful man who spent his life showing me that he loved me — unconditionally. I think of my Dad when I hear Dan Fogelberg’s Leader of the Band verse “His gentle means of sculpting souls took me years to understand.”

There are so many examples. My father had a way about teaching me. He was not heavy-handed, but I knew what was important to him. To try to explain the depth of his spiritual power over me would be, I guess, a little trying to explain how David Copperfield actually…

Relationship-based Education, Community-Building, and Social Distancing

The Challenges of Reimagining Schools

In times of a global economic recession, Dr. Jeff Beedy, a philosopher, visionary, humanist and true educator, provides the framework, guidelines, rationale and tools for a new global “investment.” It is an investment that can last over time and space. …

Jeff Beedy Ed.D

​Dr. Beedy is a leader in the field of child development. At Harvard, he studied with psychologists Lawrence Kohlberg and Pulitzer Prize winner Dr. Robert Coles

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